Dreamers Arise

It’s official. My spirit is waking up. It had been dead for quite some time (something I articulated in my previous blog) and until just a couple months ago, I didn’t know how to wake it up. Probably because I didn’t understand why it was dead in the first place. Now that I am breathing again, now that Jesus Christ in all His glory has loosed me from the pangs of death, I realize what the problem was.

I had been “normaled out.” Little did I know, the dream stealer called “normal” had crept into my life unannounced and tried to nab my destiny. I lived my entire life coloring in the lines and regurgitating information like a robot and meanwhile, some of the most precious gifts that God gave me were stolen without my permission: Imagination. Creative expression. The ability to DREAM. Poof! Gone.

At the end of the summer, which I must confess was one of the most difficult summers of my life, I stumbled upon a book that suggested making a list of my dreams. Having just graduated from college and with only a vague sense of my purpose in life, I thought, “Why not? What do I have to lose?” I started with small things like: learn how to swing dance, run a half-marathon with my dad, buy a nice camera. And soon I couldn’t stop: touch the nations, start a faith-based non-profit, use spoken word poetry, film, and art to expand the boundaries of God’s Kingdom!!! I filled five pages of my journal front and back and still wanted to add more.

Suddenly I realized something profound. I wasn’t meant to be “normal.” In fact, as a daughter of the Most High King, I was not designed to blend in, but rather designed for influence. Normal doesn’t influence, but rather is influenced. Normal people don’t define the flow, but rather the flow defines them. If the current goes one way, so do they. If the world moves in fear, so do they. My heart aches, just knowing that there are billions of people on this planet destined for significance in the Kingdom of God that 1) don’t know that they’re significant, and/or 2) allow someone or something to steal their God-given significance. Instead, they arrive at “normal.”

Before the world began, God had dreams and purposes that He wanted to breathe into the earth. To do that, He wrapped them in your physical body and created you. Tragically, somewhere along the way, the dream stealer convinced you otherwise. He attacks your worth and whispers insignificance over you because He is afraid of the authority and influence that is already written into your DNA as a believer in Christ. The powers of hell cringe every time a new child enters the Kingdom, every time a new dream is birthed into the earth. The demons trembled when you came out of your mother’s womb. Why? Because through the dangerously unique combination of gifts that God has given you, He is planning to creatively express His nature. And in doing so, He is planning to reclaim ground for His Kingdom. And believe it or not, the devil doesn’t like losing ground.

So I faced the question: Are you willing to allow the enemy to steal, kill, and destroy the beauty, influence, and love that God desires to release through you to draw people to Himself? I was not. Instead, I had to start agreeing with His ideas about me. I had to refuse to believe or entertain (even in my thoughts) anything that came up against what He has declared over me in Scripture. I had to refuse to let the father of lies twist convincing arguments in my mind about why I don’t matter. I had to recognize that through Christ, I have the authority to choose whose ideas about me to agree with.

Choice. I now make a choice everyday to agree with God’s truth about who I am. I meditate on what He sings over me no matter what I feel or perceive with my physical senses or emotions. I refuse to be normal, and instead I dare to dream. Because dreams are tools that help mine the gold that God has already placed in me. Dreams bring God’s ideas about me to the surface where I can agree with and live from my identity and His purposes.

The key in dreaming with God is intimacy. Once you get close to the Father’s heart and He begins to define you and tell you why He created you: 1) You get wrecked by His delight in you, and 2) You agree that the impossible things He’s singing over you can be accomplished in the earth through your hands releasing Christ’s power and love.

Self-centered? No. In fact Christ Himself centered His life around destroying anything that got in the way of His perfect love for you and His perfect plan for your life. If you don’t know who you are, how God sees you, and what He’s created you to do, you fail to reap the full reward of His suffering on the cross. So from the place of intimacy with God, I am beginning to dream again. He is calling a new generation to shine with His glory. I’m in. Dreamers arise.


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