Spring Break in Cape Town!

Here’s a quick glance at my spring break shenanigans! Though I had made plans to go on the Garden Route, I decided to stay in Cape Town to spend more time at my service site and cultivate deeper relationships with the wonderful South Africans who are becoming some of my closest friends!

Our two wonderful skating students!

I went ice-skating with Sarah Cuthbert, an amazing sister in Christ, who I met on the ESC retreat. Who knew they had ice-skating in South Africa?! We went to Grand West, a flashy casino entertainment venue, where we glided, swirled, and tumbled our way to tons of laughs out on the rink. Sarah and I spent a good portion of the evening teaching a couple unsuspecting victims how to skate. By the end of the night, these “wall-clingers” became confident masters of the ice!

Our eighth graders doing an icebreaker

At Masiyile this week we taught the eighth-graders about short stories. To bring the teaching to life, Ore and I showed them a step routine that we prepared. After drawing out the various elements of short stories from our dance including the introduction, build-up/plot development, climax, and conclusion, we challenged the students to come up with their own group dance routine incorporating the four elements. Man can these kids dance!

Sarah, Ore, and I at the Block House

Ore, Sarah, and I hiked up to the “Block House” a shortdistance up themountain from Rhodes Memorial. We packed a picnic lunch and picked Sarah’s brain about English teaching techniques to implement in the classroom. (Sarah is studying to be an English teacher!)

Also, a couple of weeks ago we climbed Table Mountain, which was one of the most difficult and awe-inspiring experiences of my life. We took the Platteklip Gorge trailhead and climbed up what seemed to be a never-ending rock staircase. As we neared the top, angelic voices met our ears with a beautiful old Christian hymn. Inspired to make the final few strides, I reached the mountain’s level crown and was rendered speechless. I understood with glorious clarity what had inspired those voices to burst into worship. Pictures will never do this wonder justice. The sun dancing in brilliant dazzling radiance on the vast outstretched waters…the mighty mountain peaks towering in the windswept distance…the city sprawling in its manmade splendor and unsightly beauty. The soul cannot help but cry out with praise for the One whose hands formed this indescribable grandeur!

Kristen and I at the top of Table Mountain


Saturday night dinner and movie!! There’s nothing better than watching Back to the Future and making minced meat burgers and good ol’ American apple pie with the “dream team!” After successfully burning the first pie crust to a crisp, our second attempt turned out substantially better. Colyn decided it would be appropriate to carve Jesus’ face into the crust in order that it might be saved 😉

Go Ikeys!!

We also attended a rugby game – the UCT Ikey Tigers vs. some other SouthAfrican college team. It was an exciting game to say the least…UCT crushed their opponents 55 to 20. Though I will never completely comprehend the rules of rugby, in my opinion it is much more exciting and intense than American football – pure strength, no pads, and continuous play! And thank goodness there were no vuvuzelas!

Until this week, the wildest animal I’d seen was a chameleon that the gardener found in our front yard…sad. However, over spring break I was blessed with the opportunity to go on a safari! After an elaborate and delectable breakfast in the safari lodge, we climbed into large, tiered, jeep-like vehicles and headed out for three hours of marvelous adventure! We saw four of the “big five” animals: rhinos, elephants, water buffalo, and lions! Other animals we saw included zebras, ostriches, springbok, and giraffes. An amazing display of the Lord’s creativity and power!


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  1. Robin
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 17:51:44

    Happy Easter Alyssa.


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