Settling In

Big Chapel

On Thursday morning, we left the hotel and arrived at our home away from home for the semester. The property is right next to the University of Cape Town campus and has two houses on it, which have been dubbed “Big Chapel” and “Little Chapel”…appropriately named because we live on Chapel Road and there is a Methodist Church next door! (The Lord’s provision is unfailing!)

I live in Little Chapel with five other service-learners while the rest live in Big Chapel, which is especially gorgeous with an old-fashioned, eclectic look. There are fireplaces in many of the rooms and some even have a perfect view of the mountainside. We are truly to be living on such a beautiful property! I can’t wait to get all settled in.

We then had the “Ama-Zing Race” in which we ran around campus following clues that led us to different buildings. The point was to get us oriented to the campus, which is much bigger than I ever expected…and more BEAUTIFUL than I ever imagined! I can’t believe that I go to school here! Seriously! Though it’s in one of South Africa’s largest cities, it is surrounded by lush gardens and forests and is shadowed by the grandiose Table Mountain…no big deal.

The Whole Crew (with UCT and Table Mountain in the background)



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  1. Charlotte Geving
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 16:19:22

    It sounds like you are having an amazing adventure so far. It seems like you are soaking in all the little things and appreciating everything else around you. You are in my prayers every night. Aunt Charlotte


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