What in the world will I be doing in Cape Town?

I am enrolled in a study abroad program called CIEE. Specifically, I will be participating in their Cape Town, South Africa Service-Learning program. There are seventeen other participants who have been selected from across the United States. I don’t know anyone who is in the program yet, but will be meeting everyone when I arrive in Cape Town on January 25. I am excited that the program is set up this way because it will force me to dive into the unknown and breach the normal boundaries of my comfort zone. New place. New culture. New people. New school. New surrender. It will place me in a wonderful position to be completely dependent on God for everything!!

Classes that I will be taking:

Poverty and Development: Cape Town Case Study
Using Cape Town as a case study, I will be exploring the prevalent socioeconomic issues impacting the local communities and demographic groups. As a class, we will be discussing and analyzing global and local issues in order to better serve the local non-governmental organizations we select!

Social Research Methods
This course will provide me with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out field research. It will equip me to adequately identify the needs of the community, and therefore aid in developing an effective and beneficial capstone project.

Independent Research and Capstone Project
Partnering with an existing community-based initiative, I will create a project based on a local identified need. The hope is that this project will remain in function as a resource even after the completion of the course and that it will not only benefit the organization itself, but also the broader South African community.

Afrikaans or Xhosa Language
This language training will help me to communicate with those in the community where my service takes place. (I can’t wait to learn another language!!)

Other Cool Stuff:

We will go on field trips and excursions to various sites such as the District Six Museum, Robben Island, and Table Mountain. We will also attend local theater/music/dance productions and participate in a weekend home stay with a local family. I will be living in house near campus, which will be shared with fellow CIEE program participants. We will likely be buying our own food, making meals together, or eating at restaurants on or off the University of Cape Town campus.


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